KS height adjustable seatposts

The team at ROAM have been working with KS on the design and testing of height adjustable seatposts since day one. A KS height adjustable posts is a must for any trail rider.


The LEV DX family is the latest in drop seatpost innovation. The only hydraulically locked and air sprung post to feature zero cable movement and silky smooth travel. Couple that with our patented and unmatched one way roller bearing to ensure miles of play-free movement. Thrown in a micro adjustable head, ergonomic carbon fiber remote that replaces an ODI Lock-On inner clamp and LEV DX is the ultimate dropper to let you keep rhythm on your ride.

“LEV Integra" with internally routed cable also available.

Remote operation only
Diameter: 30.9, 31.6 and 27.2
Travel/length: 100/350mm, 125/385mm, 150/435. 27.2 Diameter LEV only comes in 100mm/400mm.

KS LEV Integra

LEV INTEGRA'S internally routed cable significantly cleans up the look of your bike. With shifter cables, brake lines and lock out cables clamped and zip tied to your carbon fiber piece of art, mountain bike frames have begun to look like an IT guy's wet dream. Clear the clutter while benefitting from legendary LEV technology. Choose from 100, 125 or 150mm of smooth travel executed by an air sprung hydraulically locking sealed cartridge. A forged twin bolt micro adjust head keeps the saddle on tight while KS's patented roller-clutch bearing and replaceable brass keys ensure thousands of miles of play-free travel. A KG ALLOY ODI LOCK-ONTM compatible remote connects at the post end to an all new cable interface making setup and service even easier. Increase thrills and decrease drag with LEV INTEGRA.


LEV has always represented the latest technology but is already a classic among top contending dropper posts. With a myriad of firsts to it's name; first hydraulic dropper to offer zero cable movement, first dropper to offer adjustable rotational orientation, first dropper to win a UCI World XC Eliminator event and first in countless enduros, magazine tests and customer satisfaction polls, LEV comes back in 2015 ready to be the first dropper seatpost to outperform itself. The latest LEV returns in all black livery shedding over 50 grams from its predecessor by integrating a high compression carbon fiber head clamp, RECOURSE ULTRALIGHT cable system and KGSL superlight remote.

KS Supernatural

The Supernatural is no contradiction in terms. It’s namesake conjures visions of heroes – riders who not only tempt fate by charging toward the impossible, but survive only to elevate their talents one step closer to other-worldliness. After six dirt-pounding years of refinement, the Supernatural is the latest incarnation from KS and represents the best of what bike technology has to offer. The Supernatural is built for performance with precision-ground aircraft grade aluminum tubes concealing an internal system so well engineered, it almost had to come from a higher power.

Remote or Integrated lever
Diameter: 30.9 or 31.6
Travel/length: 75/300mm, 125/385mm

Southpaw Lever

It’s a simple little thing, but then again the world was turned upside down when shifters went down under. With the advent of 1x drivetrains, we saw a vacancy downstairs just begging for a hot neighbor to move in. Introducing the SOUTHPAW underbar remote specifically deisgned for bikes with 1x drivetrains. Drivetrain companies have already said it all for us. “Keep your hands on the bars, better control, yada, yada…” Truthfully, the thing just looks bitchen. Sold as an accessory only, SOUTHPAW uses an innovative split clamp allowing for 4-axis of adjustment for perfect ergonomics and feel.

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